3 Ways to Optimise your Marketing Content for Online Retailers


From diversifying your digital assets, to getting global with your product descriptions. Our PR & Marketing Manager, Beth Chapman, shares her tips on providing online retailers with the best marketing tools to promote your products.

Good things come in multiple dimensions

Online retailers come in all shapes and sizes with regards to storefronts. Of course, it’s impossible to provide bespoke dimensions for every single store you work with. However, going above and beyond providing the minimum of web banner formats allows them to maximise the marketing of your product. Think more homepage takeovers, impactful slider featuring and a better chance of widespread promotion. Plus, if you can provide PSD files on top of that, then an Etailer can optimise the banners for their site’s format – which, helps to keep your IP looking on point. 

Location, location, location!

You might be surprised how much this can be overlooked, but localisation of assets and metadata is key to ensuring digital stores can effectively promote your content across their regions.  It can’t be emphasised enough. Only providing English descriptions for a product will limit sales and engagement with it if you are looking to break into certain regions. Yes, it’s a little bit more legwork. But with multiple translation companies at your fingertips who can turn things around in a day or a matter of hours, it might be easier – and cheaper – than you think. More importantly, it will help your content get the global spotlight it deserves. 

Somebody call the brand police

It’s understandable that a poorly placed logo or offensive font can keep you up at night. So, here’s some advice: provide brand guidelines with your asset packs. Even if it’s just key bullet points of the big no-no’s, you’ll likely avoid any unfavourable visuals of your brand. For even more peace of mind, request that any assets for bespoke campaigns are submitted for approval through your Brand Manager or distribution Account Manager.

The more thorough you are with asset creation to start with, the less likely they will require amendment by your Etailer partners. So, consider providing bespoke ‘coming soon’, pre-order and launch assets for each beat, rather than one generic asset pack for your product.

In summary, the more the merrier when it comes to formats and localised marketing content. And be brand-savvy when creating and monitoring those assets. That way, you’ll be giving yourself the best possible chance of seeing those digital games or software sales skyrocket. 

Did you know?

We coordinate marketing campaigns and asset approvals between our content owner and seller networks.
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