Tuning into growth goals

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It’s always reassuring to hear from partners that we’ve managed to tailor to their unique goals. Tuning into areas of growth is something we try to actively focus on in our relationships.

We have found that growth comes in various forms. It may be related to regions; the Taiwan and India games markets have boomed in the past few years and so are enticing publishers from the West. It could be related to the success of a specific title; our case study with Curve Digital showed how a title like Human: Fall Flat can be fostered into a global success. And growth goals can simply be about maximizing the number of digital retail channels that a publisher’s products are being distributed to – often the case with indie developers looking for market penetration.

The GENBA™ platform has the ability to analyse sales performance across geographies, genres, titles, etailers and promotional periods to provide the best insight needed for predicting future successes.

But the technology is only one part of the process. Our experienced commercial team – working closely with our data analysts – work hard to analyse, understand and forecast how to get the most from new product launches, periodic promotions and seasonal busy periods.  Later this year, our next generation of GENBA™ will see predictive analytics for promotions and product launches introduced directly into the platform and user interface. These innovations will help us to further maximise revenue growth for both our etailer and publisher partners.

Until then, our team will continue to work closely with our etailer and publisher networks to ensure the relationships they have via the GENBA™ platform are reaching their true potential.

GENBA™ 3.0 is coming soon. If you want to find out more about our latest innovations, please contact

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