How a Digital Logistics Platform Can Maximise the Sales of Your Indie Game


If your game sales have reached a plateau or you’re looking to get your brand a wider global reach, a digital distribution service might be the answer. Here’s why…

The process of launching your game into the digital games market inevitably opens up a plethora of questions, concerns and opportunities. The unknown of it all can feel exciting and yet equally terrifying.

We’ve worked with a number of indie developers over the years and have come to realise there are a few common concerns that plague them before taking the plunge into using our services and venturing into the world of 3rd party sales channels.

These dilemmas tend to revolve around:

“It’s too risky and we need to protect our IP and brand.”

“We wouldn’t know where to start.”

And perhaps the most common one: “It’s too time-consuming.…Besides, we’re not even sure if it’s worth it.”

A significant sales boost for your game

Well, is it worth it? When we did our maths, we estimated that 3rd parties delivered over $1bn in PC digital sales in 2019. And we know, from feedback from our indie clients, that 3rd parties can make up to 20% of total sales for a title – which can make a big difference in profitability and return on investment for a title, a studio, a publisher. Our case study with Curve Digital is testament to this. Expanding their game distribution network through 3rd parties provided significant incremental revenue and cut out the workload of managing it all by using our GENBA™ platform and services.

Improving your game’s discoverability

It’s not rocket science that placing your product across multiple selling platforms is going to increase your chances of exposure. But it is understandable that you might have overlooked other options due to time constraints. You might also be finding a decent level of success through your current chosen sales channels, so why give yourself more to worry about?

Well, the very reason of discoverability is worth the effort. With thousands of games being launched each year and the number significantly increasing as each year passes, the fight for visibility becomes even more of a challenge. Relying on more than one digital channel for selling your game is the first step in allowing more players to find you. And, by using a digital distribution platform, you’ve got a commercial team who can negotiate blog featuring, giveaways and influencer support from a proactive network of etailers eager to push your game.

A fast route to multiple markets

Choosing the right storefronts for your game can be a minefield. Which stores have a penchant for indie gems? Will they be willing to give your title spotlight featuring on their homepage slider, weekly newsletter, social campaigns? On top of this, you are faced with the challenge of navigating the legalities and currency complexities for stores in previously untapped regions. Using a digital logistics platform is an all-encompassing solution that helps eliminate these concerns.

At Genba, we provide our developer partners with instant accessibility to top-notch etailers around the globe. We handle the headache of tax issues and cash collection, while you get quick access to real time sales reports to see how your games are selling. We give you guidance on what metadata you’ll require for each region and then we distribute it all to the storefronts for you.

To sum it up…

Using a digital logistics platform means you’ve essentially got a whole team of commercial and technical experts at your fingertips. They’ll guide you on pricing, promotional discounts, asset management, key stocks…the list goes on. Suddenly, the world of 3rd party selling is less daunting, and you can get back to focusing on developing your next game. Developer dilemma averted!


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