How to get into digital distribution – by the experts: Part 2


We live, breathe and sleep video games and that’s why we have the best jobs in the world bringing the latest releases to market. In Part One of our How to get into digital distribution article, we revealed how some of the team at Genba HQ started their careers and what helped them climb the ladder. In Part Two here, we reveal the skillset needed to get started, and what we love about working in such a fast-moving and exciting industry.

What skills do you need for digital distribution?

Matt explains: “To be able to work fast, think on your feet and be good at communications – in all formats. We deal with many clients across different cultures where English isn’t their first language and so being clear and polite is fundamental.”

Numeracy skills and being a tech geek is a bonus, he adds.

James credits having a ‘pedantic’ eye for detail as important: “It helps if you understand the industry and how what you do fits into the broader picture.”

Strong commercial awareness and a practical ability to apply the business scenario into the real world are also useful, he says.

Persistence, diligence, confidence and pride in your work as well as patience, being pro-active and pragmatic, will serve you well in this industry.

Why we love what we do

Despite inevitable challenges, working in the industry has many perks, Nick explains: “I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on some very famous games. And any successful game requires a huge quantity of talented people all doing their little bit.”

Matt agrees that teamwork, both within Genba and with its partners is key: “I love the cut and thrust of a fast-growth small business, that punches above its weight and works in partnership with some of the best companies in our industry. I also enjoy how our team handles the daily challenges of working in a very dynamic 24/7 digital distribution business – they never cease to amaze me!”

And career prospects are a-plenty. “We work with 50 games publishers and a network of more than 100 digital retailers, so the opportunity to build close working relationships and network across the sector is great for development,” says Matt. “There are so many roles within the industry, from account management and data science to technical project management that there is a lot of room to try different things.”

James adds: “There’s a wealth of opportunity to learn and it’s probably one of the most creative and rewarding industries around, filled with many talented personalities. There are so many layers and niches to this industry which requires some honest introspection to find where you fit best.”

Want a job in digital distribution? Here’s the four things you should do next:

  • Consider the games industry eco-system when weighing up job options
  • Work in any field that gets you closer to making creative content
  • Get as close to the development team as possible (“that’s where the diamonds are mined”, says Nick)
  • Get in touch with us at or keep tabs on our vacancies page.

Enjoyed our top tips? Make sure you read Part One here (if you haven’t already).


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