Introducing our new logo and the rationale behind it.


Today, we want to properly introduce you to our new logo.

When we span out from SONY in 2015, our old logo worked well to distinguish us as a new, innovative player to the world of digital games distribution. We have come a long way in those few years, so we wanted our new brand to reflect our culture and desire to constantly change and improve.

But to leave the rationale at that would be too simplistic, so we want to share more with you about the motivation behind our rebrand.

We listened to feedback

Our old logo always divided opinion with our own team. Overall, we came to realise from talking to the team that most were in favour of a change. It had become outdated. Then, certain opinions gathered externally told us it was a little ‘aggressive’ and ‘unapproachable’. And that’s when we knew it was time for it to evolve.

We’ve been on a journey of self-discovery

Last year, we went through a process of exploring our brand personality, defining our values and delving deep into the core of what makes us tick. We spoke to our clients and came to understand that our approachable, flexible people, creative thinking and commitment to innovation are what make us great to work with. We also learnt as a team that we love to collaborate with each other, and we see Genba Digital as a family – not just a workplace. It was clear we were growing in new ways as a company, and with that, outgrowing our logo.

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Our platform and website have evolved

At the end of last year, we redesigned our website. We wanted to tell our story and allow people to see the personality behind our technology-driven brand. Even more significant were the exciting plans we had to further develop our GENBA™ platform, which we’ve started to make a reality this year. These innovations provided the perfect opportunity to refresh our brand.

So what is the meaning behind it?

We worked closely with a local design company, Wyse Co, who have produced graphic design for the video games industry, so they had a great understanding of where we were positioned as a brand. More importantly though, they clicked with our vision, encapsulating the partnership approach that we, and our clients, value. Our logo rationale is explained a little better here:

(click to enlarge)

We hope you love our new logo as much as we do, and we can’t wait to share more with you about the other ways we’ve been evolving at Genba Digital.


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