Partnership Spotlight: How tinyBuild are Securely Boosting Availability of Their Digital Games


Having been partnered with us for a year, we spoke to tinyBuild’s COO, Luke Burtis, on how the GENBA™ platform has made it easier to distribute their digital games.


tinyBuild’s strategy for distribution is simple. Availability. They want their products featured on a wide variety of platforms, ensuring their game brands are reaching multiple audiences outside of Steam. Combining this with their focus on innovative, grassroots marketing, tinyBuild have successfully made their mark on the Indie games market.

Popular titles such as Speedrunners, Secret Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper and Streets of Rogue have allowed the fast-growing Indie Publisher to acquire more studios and entice a host of new players to their games over the past few years.

But whilst tinyBuild were successfully expanding their content offering, they knew there was still a plethora of global sales channels they were yet to tap into. The challenge was to identify which of these third-party platforms would be the most reputable and lucrative stores for their digital games.

The solution came thanks to recommendations from partners and fellow Indie publishers in the industry. Hearing good reports of incremental revenue and real-time sales visibility through using the GENBA™ platform, tinyBuild were keen to get onboard.

“The motivation for us was to get our games in as many places as possible, with the least amount of resistance to do so. Genba helped with this tremendously by being an aggregator that screens their partners.”

Like other publishers navigating the digital distribution sphere, tinyBuild were wary of their product keys getting into the wrong hands and damaging their game brands. Having transparency of sales data from the GENBA™ platform was essential.   

“We were working with dozens and dozens of online stores. But this became so much easier, particularly as Genba validates if the store is worthwhile and reputable to work with. And being provided with detailed key reports, we were made to feel very comfortable about the whole process.”

On top of the security aspect, gaining commercial support would prove to be equally important to tinyBuild as part of the GENBA™ service.

Input on product promotions has been crucial. With a Commercial Manager on Genba’s side initiating proposals for discounts, dates and concepts (like genre-themed sales to boost off-peak periods), it’s allowed Luke to quickly approve promotions or make minor adjustments, saving him precious time.

“Genba’s proactiveness to engage with tinyBuild on new stores and discounting has been invaluable. The team also help us with coordinating marketing for all the stores, which has been very beneficial.”

Of course, whilst security and efficiency are vital parts of the aggregation process for tinyBuild, the ultimate goal, as with any content owner, is revenue. As Luke plainly puts it, “we need to make money.”  So, has this new partnership been worth it?

“We’ve realized a very meaningful increase in our monthly revenue. I’ve recommended working with Genba to several of our partners and made the introductions. In short, it’s been very worthwhile.”

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