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When we launched in 2015, we had a vision to deliver game-changing distribution to a range of clients around the globe. In a dynamic industry where security is paramount, we wanted to become the solution.

Today, we are proud to have developed a leading platform that sets the standard in transparency and security – it’s in our DNA, and it’s still what drives us.

Originating in PC, we now apply our expertise and insights across geographical regions and platforms, providing access to a growing catalogue of quality games content. We are committed to innovation, and our dedicated people, industry experience and flexible approach allow us to translate opportunity into value.

We make things easy.

Developing partnerships with multinationals and indie brands, we connect Publishers and Etailers building close working relationships to deliver improved experiences, efficiencies and growth.

From contract management to key distribution, from account management to transaction transparency, from access to quality content to security; we make things faster, flexible, robust and more efficient, delivering an all-round better experience.

Now that’s game-changing.

Welcome to Genba Digital.


GENBA™is an automated, web-based, API driven digital logistics platform that bridges the gap between publishers and resellers on a global basis.

We provide publishers and retailers with a faster route to customers, without the time or cost of building your own logistics infrastructure.

GENBA™ eliminates the operational and technical logistics involved with publishing and selling digital content by enabling the automatic, secure delivery of activation keys, publisher metadata and videos in multiple languages.


  • We provide a secure, transparent digital distribution service delivering key-codes and metadata in a unified way, to a global network of retailers
  • We provide the assurance of a central secure information repository, allowing you to track and manage the global reach of your products
  • We form relationships with quality, trusted etailers and expand your delivery network into new regions
  • We save you time and money through our account management services, streamlining the process of promotional planning and etailer coordination

●          Analytics – we provide real time sales statistics and trends

●          Ingestion – we manage the uploading of all of your product metadata

●          Pre-Live Check – we review and validate etailer websites to ensure product content is accurate

●          Pre-Order – we can manage pre-release titles to maximise pre-order sales

●          Key Management – our keycode management provides security, transparency and control

●          Promotion Management – we manage promotion and new product launch implementation across our etailer network and can advise on the best promotion plans

●          Cash Collection – we provide fast and secure cash collection, invoicing etailers and passing revenues on to you

●          Etailers – GENBA™ can create and manage relationships between publishers and etailers to increase access and generate new revenue


  • We have an expansive catalogue of over 2,400 digital products available, giving high street and online retailers a secure, standardized and efficient entry into selling leading publisher content online
  • We bring you access to over 40 publishers, including 5 of the top 10 in the world
  • We support you through the API integration process to get you selling as quickly and effectively as possible
  • We negotiate promotional and new product launch plans direct with publishers on behalf of our etailers to provide consistency and coordination

●           Metadata – we deliver standardised metadata from all Publishers, delivered via our API

           Pre-Live Check – we work with you to ensure all of your metadata is publisher-approved

           API Key Management – our API delivers key codes securely and in real time to ensure you always have the stock you need

●           Publishers – you can request new publisher relationships on GENBA™ and we do the rest

           Promotions – we work directly with publishers to agree the best promotions and product launches, planned to maximise sales performance for our etailers

           Alerts – GENBA™ provides alerts on product and pricing changes, allowing you to draw down the most up to date metadata via the GENBA™ API


Over the past three years, we’ve established partnerships with over 40 publishers and 120 etailers across 150 countries. 

We connect publishers and etailers based on client ambition, providing access to a growing catalogue of quality games content and new revenue streams.

From helping indies break into the market, to delivering growth for the biggest names in video games publishing; we always strive to put relationships front and centre.

We’re open, agile, and we believe our partnership approach makes us great to work with.

To start your game-changing distribution journey, get in touch.

“Genba Digital are a trusted partner that excel in the digital space. Their team have worked to understand our business strategy, growth areas, and, importantly, our security concerns. This is helping us control our content and how it appears online. In a business sector without experienced business providers, Genba Digital stands tall amongst the best.”

James Schall, SEGA

“Curve Digital engaged Genba to widen global retail distribution, simplify account management and increase sales. It has been one of the smartest moves we have made, beating all expectations. We continue to be impressed by Genba Digital and would thoroughly recommend their service to other publishers, whatever their size.”

Stuart Dinsey, Curve Digital


At Genba Digital, we’re shaping the future of digital distribution.

But we believe in collaboration; engaging with our clients to achieve growth together and find new ways of working. As a team of dedicated people with industry backgrounds, we’ve got the experience to not only understand the future facing today’s industry, but also to help you build it.

Sound like your game-changing solution? Then we’d love to talk.

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Since our humble beginnings in 2015, we’ve built a diverse team of committed people – with a healthy combination of extensive games industry experience and fresh insight – who love playing a vital part in this fast-moving industry. 

But we’re more than a team – we’re a family. Together we aspire to be agile, honest, inclusive, to collaborate, and always set the standard. 

Find out more about our fantastic team below.


At Genba Digital, we deliver game-changing distribution through our leading technology platform, our flexible approach, but most importantly through our dedicated people.

We look for experienced, proactive and motivated individuals who can think pragmatically and creatively about challenges using their experience and our insight to deliver the best value.

In return we provide a fast-moving working environment – with a games room and dogs allowed – a competitive benefits package and an opportunity to join an open, enthusiastic, friendly and enterprising team.

And without a doubt, we like to have fun. Having regular socials and a good dose of humour helps to keep our team connected.

However, the biggest opportunity we offer is to stand up and be counted; gaining a broader experience by helping to shape a business, an industry and a career.

Want to join the Genba Digital family?

Then check out our latest vacancies.



  • Innovation of the Year – Leamington Business Awards 2018
  • Venture-backed Management Team of the Year – BVCA Management Team Awards 2018
  • Finalist for Distributor of the Year – MCV Awards 2018
  • Finalist for Distributor of the Year – MCV Awards 2019

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